Biodiversity spotlight: hen harriers

12 January 2022 As you might have already seen – we’re taking a new direction this year and that includes our biodiversity coverage. We’re going to be taking a closer look at the mosaic of creatures that make up Ireland’s biodiversity. We’ll be speaking to experts about all sorts of species, finding out what makes […]

Senator Lynn Ruane on the Emissions Reporting Bill

7 December 2021 Independent Senator Lynn Ruane recently brought forward a Companies Emissions Reporting Bill – which would do what it says on the tin: companies with over 50 employees would have to document their own emissions of greenhouse gases.  And if passed, the Bill wouldn’t cover just the emissions produced by the company itself […]

How it all unfolded: activist-led projections on the COP26 venue

12 November 2021  Neal Huddon-Cossar was prepared for anything to happen on Tuesday night.  A campaigner with the Gasativist Collective, his organisation joined forces with Shale Must Fall and Climate Camp Scotland to project climate crisis-related warnings and demands onto the venue hosting the soon-to-be-concluded COP26 climate negotiations.  Along with ten other activists, they had […]