Convergence 2017 – Coming together for a Sustainable Future ‘Citizen-Engaged, Community-Led Transitions’
All day long
From 16-09-17 to 30-09-17

16th – 30th SEPTEMBER 2017 – Events across Ireland

Cultivate believe that citizens are both the engine and catalyst for sustainable urban and rural transformation. People will be at the very heart of success in reaching climate targets and Sustainable Development Goals as well as making our local areas more sustainable and resilient to change. Engaging citizens to address common sustainability issues is essential to the social wellbeing of our communities, the resilience of our local areas and the protection of the environment.

The aim of Convergence is to reimagine community and develop the capacity of change makers to drive existing and emerging local sustainability projects. Convergence also aims to build bridges between sectors as well as increasing cohesion between local initiatives. An emphasis will be put on relationships and partnerships between community groups, as well as with local businesses, local authorities, semi-state organisations and government departments towards a low carbon and resilient society.

An exciting nationwide programme of events is being developed around the following topics.
• Citizen Engagement
• Social Wellbeing
• Community Resilience
• Green Communities
• Social Innovation
• Community Energy, Food & Enterprise
• Zero Waste / Local / Circular Economy
• Sustainable Development Goals
• Climate Action
• Sustainable Cities and Communities
• The Transition to a Low Carbon Future
• The Collaborative Economy
• Co-Housing & Green Building

Cultivate has hosted the Convergence Festival every year since 2000. As the name suggests our objective is to bring people and ideas together. Since its beginnings, Convergence has featured some of the most inspiring thinkers and doers both from Ireland and abroad, and championed the changes needed to create a sustainable economy, society and environment.

Originally Convergence was hosted in Temple Bar, Dublin, however in recent years we have expanded the festival to include events held across the country. This series of workshops and conferences sets out to inspire a community-led approach to sustainability, societal transitions and the transformation of our localities.

Contact convergence@cultivate.ie