Gallery: Éire Fhiáin captures the beauty of Ireland’s north-west coast.

March 09 2017

CTL Wildlife’s, Éire Fhiáin returned last night with some encaptivating shots of Ireland’s biodiversity along the North-west coast of the country. Beginning with swans in Mayo and ending with golden eagles in Donegal, the episode highlights Ireland’s biodiversity with squirrrels, bats, sharks and a strange creature that would look better suited in the next Aliens film (the sea lamprey or the twelve eyed worm) getting screen time  in Donegal.

The journey ends with a warning and the story of the golden eagle. They disappeared from the island by 1913 with birds of prey being systematically killed off. A reintroduction scheme of the bird with 50 birds coming from Scotland brought the Golden Eagle back to the Irish skies. It’s a reminder of society’s responsibility to respect our environment for present and future generations.

Presenter, Eoin Warner finishes with a timely reflection. “There is healing to be had in places like this. They lift the spirit and the soul. All we have to do is open our eyes to them. And protect them.”

Scroll down to see some of the outstanding shots from the episode or click here to watch the second part of the documentary.




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Eric Maher

Eric Maher is a contributor to the Green News. He has a Masters in Anglo-Irish Literature and Drama from UCD.