Report Hedgecutting and Upland Burning

The cutting of any hedgerows and upland burning between 1 March and 31 August is an offense under the Wildlife Acts, with strict exemptions.*

However, every year there are anecdotal reports of flailing of hedgerows and deliberately started scrub fires across the Irish countryside.

If you aware of hedgerow cutting or upland burning in your area, please send us details to help us highlight this problem in communities around Ireland.

You can fill in our form here or if you are an Android user, you can download our App here.

We will follow up with the competent authorities to inquire if the cutting or burning incident qualified for an exemption, and if not, if any action will be taken by the authorities.

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*Section 46 of Wildlife (Amendment) Act (2000) allows that the closed period shall not apply to the cutting, grubbing or destroying of vegetation in the course of any works being duly carried out for reasons of public health or safety by a Minister of the Government or a body established or regulated by or under a statute.