So long from our editor, Kayle Crosson

24 June 2022 As some of you may have seen on Twitter this week, today is my last official day as editor of The Green News. I first started as an intern here back in 2019 – just a couple of months into my journalism career. I knew I wanted to cover our environmental crises […]

31 May 2022  A story set in a dystopian, post-apocalypse world tends to be a creative way to comment on the failures and fears of humanity in a way that is far-fetched enough to keep an audience from turning into a paranoid population of doomsday preppers. The 2013 science-fiction thriller Snowpiercer is a satirical take […]

26 May 2022  There’s been no shortage of big storms landing in Ireland over the past few years. There’s been Ophelia, Emma and Ciara – to name a few. They’ve wreaked havoc on different parts of the country – and because of climate change they are set to be more severe over time. There’s also […]

16 May 2022  Ireland’s first large scale solar farm opened in Wicklow just two weeks ago and is projected to be able to save up to 4,800 tonnes of carbon emissions. The Millvale solar farm can generate 8 megawatts of power and is already connected our national electricity grid – but how does solar energy […]

13 May 2022  A ten day celebration of nature in Ireland kicks off today! Welcome to National Biodiversity Week 2022! Biodiversity refers to the variety of species in a particular area. Whether that’s the entire planet or your garden pond, healthy biodiversity will have a wide variety of plants and animals that support each other […]