Opinion: “I am hugely disappointed about the Salthill Cycle Lane decision”

17 February 2022 On Monday, Galway City Council revoked plans for a trial cycleway along Salthill Promenade. Let’s start with some background. The €1 million investment was scrapped following the introduction of Standing Order 32 and was co-signed by 13 councillors from Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, Labour, and Independents. The cycleway originally received an 8-8 […]

Shale Gas Drilling Rig Photo: Max Pixel

Opinion: Ireland has joined BOGA – what’s next?

Last month, we as Not Here Not Anywhere (NHNA) members attended COP for the first time. It was a mixed experience. Activists were shut out of negotiations and even the venue. The Global North failed yet again to commit to sufficient loss and damage financing for nations already suffering the worst effects of climate change. […]