Over 80 Irish civil society groups, including unions, farmers and business owners, are calling on MEPs to reject the EU Canada trade deal

January 13th 2017 A coalition of Irish farmers, environmentalists, trade unionists, global justice groups and small business organisations have called on MEPs to oppose the EU Canada trade deal known as CETA. The groups co-signed a letter to members of a European Parliament committee  calling for rejection of the deal Read more…

Theres a lot of controversy surrounding the TTIP agreement but what about CETA

The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is a free trade agreement between Canada and the EU. The negotiations were concluded in August 2014 with the agreement to be approved by Council of the European Union, the European Parliament and potentially all EU member states. If this agreement is implemented it would eliminate 98% of the tariffs between Canada and the EU. Similar to TTIP the economic and regulatory features of these agreements has brought them into conflict with domestic legislation.