Over 80 Irish civil society groups, including unions, farmers and business owners, are calling on MEPs to reject the EU Canada trade deal

January 13th 2017 A coalition of Irish farmers, environmentalists, trade unionists, global justice groups and small business organisations have called on MEPs to oppose the EU Canada trade deal known as CETA. The groups co-signed a letter to members of a European Parliament committee  calling for rejection of the deal Read more…

Irish Government criticised for “singular failure to act” on climate pollution

Environmental groups and development charities have slammed the lack of government action on climate change calling it Ireland’s “singular failure to act”. Ahead of the Environment Ireland conference this week, the Stop Climate Chaos coalition highlighted the stark inaction of successive Irish governments which has put the country on the path to missing its climate targets.

Is ‘fee and dividend’ a way of overcoming the Irish water crisis?

magine a system for funding water that doesn’t land Ireland with fines, achieves water conservation goals and actually gives money back to families that conserve it.
It’s called ‘fee and dividend’ and it works by charging people for the water they use and every year giving the amount of the average bill back to the homeowner.
This means that households who use more than the average have to pay for water and those who use less actually make money.