Minister for Climate Action: RESS scheme puts the government on the “right trajectory” to achieving key climate goal

5 August 2020  The provisional results of the first Renewable Electricity Support Scheme (RESS) auction sets the new government on the “right trajectory” for its renewable electricity target, the Minister for Climate Action has said.  Under the auction, 19 wind farms and 63 solar projects around the country secured contracts Read more…

BirdWatch Ireland to carry out research on the impact of offshore energy projects on Marine Birds

BirdWatch Ireland will shortly begin research to assess the potential impact that offshore renewable energy projects would have on seabirds and coastal water birds. The study precedes a boost in development of Ireland’s indigenous ocean energy industry, after the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland awarded €4.3 million in grants to various groups working in this field.
As part of this project, the organisation will develop a ‘Bird Sensitivity Map’ to inform energy companies of zones that pose a high risk to sea birds and ecosystems.