5 Edible Christmas ornaments you can make at home

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22nd December, 2016

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Don’t fancy having to haul eight boxes of baubles back into the attic next January? Me neither. Gone are the days where I want to stand under the attic door with safety goggles, a facemask and goalie gloves while my dad hurls down fibre-glass covered boxes. Careful, people shout, those ornaments are glass!

Imagine if you could eat the various bits of baubles and tinsel instead? In an actual edible way, not in the way your cat tries to eat the tinsel because it’s pretty.*

Let’s find out how. Onward into the internet!

Stained Glass Window Cookies

mary berry 12031340516.tif

What’s this you say? A way to use up the several hundred bags of boiled sweets that invariably enter your possession this time of year? Click here

Berry and Popcorn Tinsel


Too many cranberries? Here’s a fast way to use them up! This one is fairly simple- cook the cranberries into an edible form and using a needle sew them together with popcorn. Be careful while eating them not to eat any thread! Click here

Jelly Baubles


(Image credit: goodtoknow.co.uk)

These are quick and simple to make if you don’t mind getting your hands a little sticky. Using a core of rice crispie squares or marshmallows, dip them in melted chocolate and roll them in your preferred sweet to create a bauble. Be mindful as melted chocolate can get quite hot. Click here



I like glitter too much. But hey, it’s a brave new world and edible glitter exists. Sparkling fruit is a good way to take advantage of this trend while also hiding some after dinner snacks around the house for yourself. Cunning! Click here

Decorating for the birds


Who says all the decorations have to be inside? Pop a few on the hedge or trees outdoors and let the birds take care of the cleaning for you. A good amount of Christmas leftovers can be suitable for birds – check out an infographic here. In addition if you’re feeling crafty there are a number of suet and birdseed based ornaments you can hang out over Christmas. Click here

Please bear in mind that human guts aren’t set up to digest pine sap- if you are hanging your ornaments on a real tree check them to be sure you aren’t ingesting resin as well. Also as these are real food ornaments, they have a best-by date and should probably only be out for a day or so before eating them.

*In all seriousness bring your pet to the vet if they eat ornaments or tinsel, it can block their gut. In addition please take care cooking if you have pets- some of these recipes include chocolate and spices that can make them ill.

Happy Christmas!

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