6 clever homemade Halloween recycled costumes

October 27th, 2016

If you don’t have idea for your Halloween costume yet, it’s not too late.

Do you want to terrify your family, confound your neighbours and save the planet? You can definitely made your own costume with things you normally throw away. Clever costumes made with plastic, aluminium bins or cardboard will impress your friends and entertain the bus driver.

We’ve selected funny homemade fancy dress costumes you can reproduce at home.

1. Bender


Our favourite swearing beer-swilling robot! Ever wondered what to do with an old immersion heater? Heres the chance to fend off those accusations of hoarding. More realistically you can use a metal bin, rubber tubing and chrome paint to create this costume. Open a window first. To get into character you should probably have a beer before getting creative. But save that Budweiser box! We use it for costume 3.

2. Chewbacca


Star Wars is cool again! Take the cardboard from your recycling bin. Some marker, scissors and three hours later you can become Chewbacca. Pick up a heavy headcold to perform the voicelines. Alternately go au natural and just stop shaving. The planet will thank you.

3. Captain America


A great costume to make with boxes of Budweiser left over from costume 1. People will look at this costume and know you fear neither man nor beast nor freezing to death in the queue for Coppers. Half way through the night you can flip the boxes to become Chewbacca as seen above. It can be Captain Americas new civilian identity!

4. R2D2


This is adorable. The R2D2 Halloween costume made out of bins, cardboard and fabric straps is just incredible and looks quite real. The great size of the Star Wars universe means you can paint yourself up any colour and appear as R2D2s thrid cousin once removed. Strap a salad bowl to your bicycle helmet to create the head.

5. Plastic bag warrior princess


Do you hold to old Irish traditions? Do you have one hundred plastic bags inside another plastic bag somewhere in your house? A biscuit tin that is actually full of sewing supplies? You can use your piles of plastic bags to make this crafty costume. Shred and stitch the bags together to create a fluttering skirt and bodice. This costume has the added benefit of been waterproof!

6. Silver surfer


Ever wondered how to reuse the tinfoil under the grill? Its time has come! Use the tinfoil wrapping to become the Marvel comic superhero. The grease from your last fry up can act as an adhesive, while its super-reflective nature will make you very obvious as you cross the road. Safety first!

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