The annual celebration of Ireland’s biodiversity goes ahead despite lockdown.

This weekend brings a celebration of the diverse life that calls Ireland home. To coincide with the International Day of Biodiversity, the Irish Environmental Network is asking you to explore your garden and local areas and share what you find in the National Backyard Bioblitz this weekend. Much of our world has come to a […]

Can innovative technologies rescue us from climate disaster?

November 5th, 2018 The future of our tech industry is green, and the future health of our climate relies on better tech. This was the strong message from the Industrial Technologies Conference 2018 held this week in Vienna. Bringing 1,000 experts from academia, industry and policy together, attendees had the opportunity to exchange information and […]

Irish team comes second in EU award for projects to tackle urban air pollution

November 1st, 2018 This week, the European Commission announced the winner of a €3 million award for the EU Horizon Prize on Materials for Clean Air for the most affordable, sustainable and innovative design-driven solution to urban air pollution. Air quality in cities around the world has been getting increasingly worse. A recent report has […]

Case Study: Creating change through the Public Participation Network

July 19th, 2018 Influencing policy may seem far beyond the reach of the community, but with the help of the newly formed Public Participation Networks (PPNs) throughout Ireland, it may just be possible. The PPNs are a community initiative that gives a voice to locals in council decisions and policy creation.  The system is a […]

Local Environmental Networks: How to get involved

12th December, 2017 Local Environmental Networks (LENs) are made up of individuals with a passion for environmental issues. Unlike a single issue group, the LEN is a meeting place for all ideas and callings. They provide a central hub around which people from a given county can gather, discuss projects, ask for help, create change […]

How can you influence environmental policy?

13th September 2017 Have you ever wanted your actions on environmental matters to have a greater impact at a local level? You can make a difference for the environment through your Public Participation Network. There are many people here in Ireland that do a great deal for the environment in their everyday lives, while some have […]

Dublin City Council planning for a herbicide free city

August 15th, 2017 Herbicides are widely used throughout Ireland to control weeds, but there are growing concerns surrounding the damage these chemicals may be doing to our health and to the health of the environment. We talk to Shane Casey, a Biodiversity Officer for Dublin City Council, about alternative weed control, Dublin County Council’s proposed […]

Four government actions that are helping reduce plastic waste around the world

July 12th, 2017 The Waste Reduction Bill was heard in the Dáil last night. The bill would see a deposit refund scheme implemented on plastic bottles, glass bottles and cans. The other aspect would introduce a ban on single-use non-compostable plastic such as coffee cups. If the bill is successful it would be a huge […]

Five groups in Ireland to help you reduce your plastic waste

July 11th 2017 To celebrate Plastic Free July we have put together a list of five groups in Ireland that can help you cut plastic out of your life. From re-using goods to simple advice, these groups are invaluable sources of information and also lots of fun to be a part of! 1. Zero Waste […]