Agriculture, the Commons and Climate Justice

24th June 2020 Is County Leitrim really as “green” as it seems? That was the question we sought to answer with a team of young European researchers who spent six months working to produce the first Irish county-based carbon inventory report of its kind, published last December by Good Energies Alliance Ireland. The study coincided […]

COVID19 – a manifestation of the biodiversity crisis

March 20th, 2020 Ecologists are blue in the face telling people that all life depends upon biodiversity and that we depend upon the natural world for food, clothing and building materials and so on. Yet this self-evident dependence has to-date been far from evident to many. The sixth mass extinction has played second fiddle to […]

Tackling climate change can start with an end to overfishing

December 18th, 2018 The ocean is incredible: not only is it the origin of all life, but it also stores the most carbon, regulates the climate and provides us with every second breath. It is estimated that the ocean has absorbed over 90 per cent of human-induced global warming; without it, the global temperature would have […]