Wooden Toy Photo: jgojtan/Pixabay

More environmentally-friendly toy options for your kids

March 13th, 2018

Lego recently announced that their first sustainable pieces will be going on sale later this year.

Lego pieces such as plants, leaves, trees will be made from recyclable plant-based plastics.

The move is part of the 85-year old Danish toymaker’s promise to use sustainable elements in its products.

While this is a laudable move to switch to eco-friendly elements, there are other toys in the market today that are more in tune with our natural environment.

Below is a list of some toys that you can provide for your child that should have less impact on the planet and help you to avoid adding to our plastic addiction.

Wooden Toy Photo:  jgojtan/Pixabay

Wooden Toy Photo: jgojtan/Pixabay

Wooden Toys

Plastic toys dominate today’s marketplace and wooden toys are becoming a thing of the past. However, there are numerous advantages with choosing wooden toys.

Firstly, wooden materials serve a far better function for recycling than the conventional plastic toys.

These wooden toys are more durable than plastic or metal toys, last longer and are generally harder to break.

Wooden toys can also encourage children to use their imagination and figure out different ways to play with the toys in their lives, therefore enhancing creativity in children.

Organic Teddies

There teddies available that are made from organic cotton which can make great toys for your children.

I remember how I used to have teddies by my bed when I was young where they accompanied me as I was growing up.

They provide much needed emotional comfort especially when kids are feeling down.

Children's Books Photo StockSnap / Pixabay

Children’s Books Photo StockSnap / Pixabay

Children’s book

Get your child a book. It will be a great bonding and interactive tool for the parent and the child.

Through the art of traditional storytelling, children’s books are a good source to teach young children how to read.

What better way to spend time together by reading to your child a bedtime story before they snooze.

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