French environmental documentary “Tomorrow” is looking to launch in Ireland

Published by Marie-Amélie Brun on

30th May, 2016

An environmental documentary, which focuses on the solutions to climate change and not the problem, has been a huge hit in France and around Europe.

Now the filmmakers behind ‘Tomorrow’ are looking for support to release the film in English speaking countries.

After more than 1 million spectators in France, screenings in Belgium, Quebec, Spain, Luxembourg, Finland, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Tahiti, in the UN in New York, and in festivals all over the world : Los Angeles and Bamako,”Tomorrow”‘s team want to bring it to new audiences.

On their Facebook page they have broadcast a petition asking for some support to find distributors in Ireland, the UK and the US.

You can already watch the trailer and spread the word so that it can be released as soon as possible!

Last December, the COP21 started with the projection of “Tomorrow” a movie presenting solutions from ordinary people doing amazing things for the planet and their communities.

When a lot of movies love to predict natural catastrophes, epidemics and civil wars, this time a team of dreamers went around the world to collect testimonies of citizens decided to make the world a better place.

Winner of the César for best documentary (French Oscars), “Tomorrow” is an ode to nature and life. In a society where we often disconnect from our roots, the movie gives back its place to Nature, presenting ideas for better agriculture but also energy, education, economy, in other word Life.

It all started with an article published in Nature magazine that revealed the possible end of our era and human kind in 2100. Committed to find a better future for their kids rather than those pessimistic estimations, the team decided to film thinkers : Rob Hopkins, Pierre Rabhi, Ellen McArthur, Ken Robinson, Jeremy Rifkin and Michelle Long, to show that economic and political alternatives exist.

Far away from international institutions that don’t seem to be able to protect us, Tomorrow focuses on the local and collective initiatives. It is not about changing the world but about changing your way of seeing the world and so influencing people around you.

It will hopefully soon be available in Ireland!

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Marie-Amélie Brun

Marie-Amélie is a contributor to the Green News. She is currently completing a Masters in International Cooperation and Multilingual Communication at the University Grenoble Alpes.