How Thunderclap is raising awareness of the #Nature Alert campaign.

BirdWatch_Ireland-200x150Birdwatch Ireland is playing a key part in the  #NatureAlert campaign to protect the EU’s nature laws using Thunderclap. Thunderclap is a powerful tool that lets a single message be collected over weeks, and then delivered at one moment. A bit like thousands of people shouting at the same time, rather than alone, one at a time.

Since the resounding support for the European Parliament in February, the Council decision in December, and of course, the result of the public consultations, the Commission is in the process of drafting its “Fitness Check” (in the form of a Staff Working Document), on the Nature Directives.

To reengage citizens in #NatureAlert, on 16 May Birdwatch Ireland partners are through Thunderclap reminding Commissioner Karmenu Vella ,Vice President Frans Timmermanns and their commissioner colleagues that we expect a proposal for decisive action following publication of the “Fitness Check”.

As soon as the “fitness check” is published, the Commission will need to develop a strategy that outlines the most efficient way to implement these laws. So please show your support and join Thunderclap on May 16th at 12.00; call on Vella to go from #NatureAlert to Action.

The #NatureAlert campaign mobilised over 520,000 people last year who backed the Nature Directives. This was a powerful message to Vella and his colleagues. This impact was repeated last December in the EU environmental ministers meeting in council, and then by the European Parliament in February. It was agreed between ministers and Parliament that implementing the Nature Directives is essential in order to achieve the targets of the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2020.

Please support the #NatureAlert campaign and the call on May 16th by visiting Birdwatch Irelands Thunderclap here.

For more information on our campaign to defend the Birds and Habitats Directives please visit the BirdWatch Ireland website.

Link to Birdwatch Thunderclap website
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