Great Success for Global Action Plan Ireland and their IEN Core Funding Grant

logoAs part of an international consortium, Global Action Plan Ireland launched the CELLS initiative (Community Environmental Learning Laboratories for Sustainability) in 2013.

The programme is a three-year initiative part funded by the EU Lifelong Learning programme in collaboration with four other organisations in three countries – Spain, Hungary and Sweden.

The aim of this programme is to improve and accelerate the Eco Team (Green living programme) community learning methodology that was pioneered by Global Action Plan International and which has since been adapted by participating partner organisations in various forms.

The programme is a unique informal adult education initiative that has run in Europe since 1990 and has spread to over 20 countries worldwide. The programme supports householders to reduce their impact on the environment by making simple and lasting changes in the home. The environmental impact of participating households is measured before and after the programme.

It’s important that individuals can see the difference they are making by measuring the resources saved as a result of their actions. For example, by turning off the tap while brushing your teeth can potentially save upwards of 12 litres each time you brush your teeth – that’s 8,760 litres a year! In 2014, 32 participants on the Green Living Programme took this action, which resulted in savings of 280,320 litres of clean running water!

By supporting groups of people working together, we make taking action easier, more creative and much more fun. GAP’s ability to match fund for this programme would not have been possible without the support of the IEN core funding grant.