New Masters in International Development, Environment and Conflict announced by DCU

27th of June, 2016

A new Masters degree in International Development, Environment and Conflict will be launched by Dublin City University (DCU) in September 2016.

This Masters is the result of one decade of teaching and research on development at DCU’s School of Law and Government. It will target a large selection of subjects: sustainable development, climate change, and conflict resolution, and some optional modules: debt, human rights law, peacekeeping, political terrorism, democracy and dictatorship, the UN, Irish foreign policy, and regional studies such as Asia, Africa, and the former Soviet space.

This new course will replace the MA in Development and link the various subjects in order to train Development Specialists, skilled in incorporating sustainable development, environmental degradation, and conflict in their analysis. It is a key point to understand the modern world and the changes taking place, particularly with the ongoing armed conflict and the numerous global summits that underline the challenges that we face to achieve peace and respect.

This is a great experience to study the world from a new point of view and learn more about the multifaceted conflicts likely to occur in the near future. This new course added to the School of Law and Government draws on the expertise of DCU’s Institute for International Conflict Resolution and Reconstruction (IICRR), which was launched by Hilary Clinton in 2012.

Applications should be made by 31st July (or by 10th July in the case of non-EU applicants). For further information, see below or contact Dr Diarmuid Torney at

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Marie-Amélie Brun

Marie-Amélie is a contributor to the Green News. She is currently completing a Masters in International Cooperation and Multilingual Communication at the University Grenoble Alpes.

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