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Platform for stakeholders to discuss Paris Agreement goals open

February 2nd, 2018

The Talanoa Dialogue portal where countries and stakeholders can check progress and seek to increase global ambitions in order to tackle climate change is now open.

The Talanoa Dialogue was launched at COP23 in Bonn last year, with aims to help countries to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Change Agreement. The Paris Agreement’s central goal is to keep the global average temperature rise to below 2C degrees and as close as possible to 1.5C.

The word ‘ Talanoa’ originates from Fiji – who held the presidency at COP23 –  and reflects a process of inclusive, participatory and transparent dialogue.

The purpose of the Talanoa portal is to share stories, build empathy, and to make wise decisions for the better good. Countries and stakeholders including investors, cities, businesses can make submissions into the Talanoa Dialogue. The relevant submissions revolved around three integral questions: Where are we? Where do we want to go? How do we get there?

Through the portal, the relevant parties will now be able to contribute ideas, recommendations and information that can tackle climate change. The portal is crucial for tackling climate change because the current national climate action plans that are aimed  at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and to resist aggravating climate change is insufficient.

“The portal is the gateway for the Talanoa Dialogue. It represents the central point for everyone to make their views heard around enhanced ambition. Additionally, it will make available other key resources for the dialogue,” said Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary of UN Climate Change.

“I very much welcome the portal because it provides transparency and broadens participation in the dialogue. I look forward to many governments and other actors making their submissions via the portal as part of world-wide efforts required for the next level of climate action and ambition,” she added.

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