Sewage Spillage in tributary of River Lee leads to over 700 dead fish

August 2nd, 2016

Over 700 fish were found dead in the Curraheen River, County Cork, on Saturday morning.

Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) have begun an investigation into a sewage spillage on the tributary of the River Lee, which has led to the death of 700 Brown Trout, Salmon and Sea Trout.

IFI received reports of discolouration in the water on Friday evening and took samples from the site, but no dead fish were observed at the site that evening. On notification of the event the following morning, the IFI responded immediately and took around six hours to clean the river, after which point many members of the public had witnessed the scene.

Irish Water confirmed in a statement that the fish kill was caused by “a failure of the Curraheen Road sewage-pumping station” on Friday, but Irish Water and Cork City Council have since rectified the problem and the station is back in operation.

The investigation being carried out by IFI could lead to a prosecution.

Inland Fisheries Ireland asks the public to call its 24 hour confidential hotline number to report any suspected discharge into rivers across the country – 1890 34 74 24.

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