Using nature to protect communities from flooding

January 12th 2016

Forests, bogs, and wetlands can all play a valuable role in slowing down water and protecting homes and farms from flood waters.
Theresa O’Donohoe, Convenor of the Climate Change working group of the Environmental Pillar, spoke to Near FM this week about using nature to prevent the kind of devastating flooding we have seen this winter.
She tells Noel McGuinness on Northside Today that the Environmental Pillar is calling on the Government to bring in substantive land use changes to protect communities from increasingly frequent high rainfall events. The restoration of wetlands, bogs, native woodlands and hedgerows can play a hugely important role in both preventing flooding and dealing with climate change.

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*The image is from the UK town of Pickering which received substantial media coverage of for its use of natural flood defences to protect the village.