Zero Waste Cashel website up and running

May 3rd, 2017

A new website has been launched to aid the town of Cashel on its journey towards Zero Waste. The website is designed to allow members of the public to learn more about the initiative and keep up to date with the latest news and events.

The general public can use the website to freely advertise items that are no longer needed or that can be shared with other members of the community.

Cashel Sharing Community

Cashel Zero Waste is also publishing an e-newsletter where visitors can sign up to get the latest news and events directly to their inbox. Following feedback from focus groups, an action plan is being put in place to deliver workshops, seminars and education initiatives to advance the project. Detail will be included in future newsletters.

Visitors are also encouraged to take the ‘Zero Waste Pledge’. The pledge gives a small list of changes in consumer behaviour that anyone can easily implement.

Zero Waste Pledge

  • Buy items with less packaging (buy unpackaged fruits and vegetables)
  • Endeavour to buy items with recyclable packaging when I can’t avoid packaging
  • Buy and use a reusable water bottle instead of buying single-use bottled water
  • Buy and use a reusable coffee takeaway cup instead of using a single-use non-recyclable takeaway cup,
  • Avoid single-use packaging from cafes and shops (plastic clamshells, plastic cutlery, takeaway bags, straws)
  • Partake in the sharing economy instead of buying new products
  • Where possible, buy items second-hand products or repair my own
  • Reduce my food waste
  • Properly segregate my rubbish

The initiative was launched by Councillor Roger Kennedy, the Cathaoirleach for the Cashel/Tipperary Municipal District.

The Zero Waste Cashel project is being led by environmental charity VOICE, funded by the EPA and supported by the Southern Region Waste Management Office and Tipperary County Council.

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