Biodiversity spotlight: golden eagles

11 March 2022  If you ever find yourself amidst snowy mountains, keep your eyes on the white as much as you can. If you’re lucky, you might catch the silhouette of a golden eagle.  With a two-metre wingspan, they’re one of the largest birds of prey. Put them wingtip-to-wingtip besides most people, and they’d be […]

What’s going on with gas prices right now?

9 March 2022  As devastating images and stories continue to emerge from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the European Commission has begun to rethink its energy policy and security.  Currently, the bloc as a whole depends on Russia for 40 per cent of its gas supply, but just yesterday the Commission announced its intention to […]

Culture Column: How Beautiful We Were by Imbolo Mbue

“Is the government a rock, a thing with neither brain nor heart?” These are the desperate words of a father rallying himself to go plead in the fictional African capital Bézam against a government bent on profit and extracting oil. Thula, his daughter and soon-to-be political activist and the rest of the village know it […]

Some key takeaways from the latest IPCC report

28 February 2022  The second in an installment of reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is out today – and it’s all about our mounting environmental crises and how we’re adapting to them.  The scientific body made a ton of material available upon its release – including the full report itself, which […]

What’s the deal with retrofitting?

15 February 2022 If you’re a climate news hawk, you probably saw the myriad of coverage last week around the announcement of the National Retrofitting Scheme.  There were lots of great pieces on how the scheme itself is going to work and initial reactions – and with those bases covered, we wanted to dig a […]