Wasp - Indian ink and watercolour. Photo: Charline Fernandez

Science and art combine to protect Ireland’s struggling pollinators

August 16th, 2018 On a warm afternoon in a Dublin city back garden overflowing with plants, shrubs, apple trees and vegetables, an exceptional variety of bees and butterflies are flying from one flower to another. We are in no ordinary garden, however. We are in the biodiversity sanctuary of the creative entomologist, Nessa Darcy. Darcy […]

Plastic polluting Scotland’s remotest islands and beaches

June 27th, 2017 Marine scientists aboard Greenpeace’s vessel the Beluga II have documented extensive plastic pollution in some of the most remote parts of the UK. The Beluga II  is due to dock in Edinburgh today after a 2-month survey and in-depth analysis will follow in the coming months. Initial findings document extensive plastic pollution […]

VIDEO: Soil and the Irish soul with Helen Kelly #People4Soil

February 24, 2017 Helen Kelly gave a different kind of talk at the launch of the People4Soil campaign. Speaking about healing, wellness, and her childhood in Donegal, Helen shared her story about recovery from cancer and the deep rooted cultural connection the Irish people have to the soil. [x_button shape=”square” size=”regular” float=”none” href=”http://environmentalpillar.ie/people4soil” info=”none” info_place=”top” info_trigger=”hover”]Sign […]

The Secret Life of Soil with Dr. Matthew Jebb of the National Botanic Gardens – People4Soil Campaign

January 23, 2017 Soil is the secret of life on land, it’s history began hundreds of millions of years ago and because of the scale of its timeline it’s not renewable. Without soil there is no agriculture and without agriculture we would lose 95% of our food production. Soil is every bit as fundamental to […]

OpEd: Food in the age of the Eco-chef — Artful Soil dishes, GIY-based Menus and Zero-Waste Restaurants

  Image: baby vegetables served in an edible soil December 22nd , 2016 Can food be Art? Do chefs use food to transmit messages that go beyond flavour and presentation? It’s  a question that may seem to be bordering on the ludicrous –especially while holding a fast-food branded cheeseburger in your hands–but merely being beautiful has long been dismissed as […]

Agricultural biodiversity loss is one of the greatest challenge of our time

28th of July, 2016 Over the last few years we have been experiencing great agrobiodiversity loss. Agrobiodiversity is the agricultural biodiversity meaning plants, vegetables, fruits… According to the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO), we have lost 3/4 of the genetic diversity of plants during the 20th century and today human diet is based on 12 plant […]

VIDEO: Farming policies are damaging the environment and need a rethink

April 5th 2016 Irish farming organisations have aggressively and unfairly blamed environmentalists for trying to protect the environment from the industrialization of farming practice in recent years. But the policies which put farmers at odds with the natural environment are to blame for the deteriorating situation. And these policies start in Europe with the Common Agricultural […]

VIDEO: Finally… politicians speak about the environment

It feels like the election campaign has been going on for an age.But sadly there has been a total lack of coverage of the environment, climate change and sustainability issues.
Last Thursday the Environmental Pillar and Young Friends of the Earth sought to change that by hosting the one and only Environmental Hustings event.
Representatives from all the major parties were there: Mary Fitzpatrick of Fianna Fáil, Eamon Ryan of the Green Party, Richard Boyd Barrett of People before Profit, Lynn Boylan of Sinn Féin, Senator Cáit Keane of Fine Gael, and Robert Dowds of the Labour Party.

Video: “I would walk 500 miles just to…save the Curlew!”

When The Proclaimer’s sang about walking 500 miles in the name of love, a level of hyperbole could safely be assumed. But British radio and TV producer and writer, Mary Colwell, has decided to undertake a 500 mile walk for real, with the aim of raising money and awareness to protect native curlew populations.

VIDEO: Ireland needs to stop pleading it’s a ‘special case’ and start doing what is necessary to meet the Paris agreement

The Irish government need to stop pleading we are a special case in relation to climate change and start doing what is needed, experts told an Oireachtas Committee this week. Members of the Stop Climate Chaos coalition this week spoke to the Oireachtas Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade to outline what the Paris deal means for Ireland.