VIDEO: Farming policies are damaging the environment and need a rethink

April 5th 2016

Irish farming organisations have aggressively and unfairly blamed environmentalists for trying to protect the environment from the industrialization of farming practice in recent years.

But the policies which put farmers at odds with the natural environment are to blame for the deteriorating situation. And these policies start in Europe with the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

Ireland and other European countries need to seriously look at the impact of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and ask ourselves what society really gains from intensifying farming when it is causing serious wildlife decline, habitat loss and the chronic pollution of waterways.

This video, by the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) and BirdLife, explores the issues and proposes a different path for European agriculture.

About the Author

Ian Carey

Ian is the editor of the Green News. He works as Communications Manger with the Irish Environmental Network.

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