European TV station are looking for Irish people to produce a short video on climate change to air in France and Germany

TV channel ARTE are looking for Irish people to take part in a programme which will air during the COP21 climate talks in Paris. 
Is there a place in Ireland that means the world to you? A place that if it was to disappear because of climate change you would be devastated? ARTE wants you to film this and to share your own experience of nature – be it a fishing trip, a birdsong or a walk in the woods. As part of a pan-European documentary called Climate Ops, Irish people are being challenged to make a short video highlighting how climate change will impact the places they love. The aim of the documentary is to share these experiences with audiences in Europe and decision-makers at the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP21, in Paris this December. The documentary is seeking input from 47 European countries to highlight the scale of the impact of climate change. Watch the video below to find out more and follow the links.